Boost Confidence & Change Your Life with Invisalign

img_invisalign2ABC News 27 from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania recently aired a segment discussing how people can take charge of their life situations to make bold changes that yield greater success and happiness.

Life coach Valorie Burton explains, “Confidence turns thought into action and moves us toward our goals.” A recent Harris poll found that 70% of people believe one simple modification to their appearance would be enough to increase confidence. According to Burton, an imperfect smile may seem small, “but can really hold us back from going after what we want.” Suddenly, you’re not smiling, not laughing, not showing up fully – and those things matter, she says. Luckily, NYC cosmetic dentist Dr. David Blaustein offers a treatment that can dramatically increase confidence and change a person’s life for the better in less than a year.

Ready for a change?

Invisalign is an easy alternative to braces that involves wearing a set of clear plastic aligners over the teeth to correct:

  • Crooked alignment
  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Open bite

After an initial consultation with Dr. David Blaustein, 3-D images are used to create your plastic aligners, which are re-made every two weeks as the teeth straighten out. “Patients generally do really well with Invisalign because they’re removable for eating and cleaning,” explains Dr. David Blaustein. “They’re comfortable and they’re affordable,” he adds, saying that satisfaction rates are up in the high nineties. “Most people are done with their treatment and onto bigger, better and bolder things within the year.”

Additional tips for reaching your life goals

If you have a big goal you want to achieve in the near future, Invisalign can be the spark that ignites your desire to change your life situation. There are other steps you can take right away to move forward, says Burton:

  • Tackle the “little” things that bug you.
  • Pinpoint your fear patterns, so you can confront them.
  • Tell yourself the truth: What do you really want? Are you willing to sacrifice for your desires?
  • Dream bold, even if you don’t know how to get what you want.
  • Take charge of the moment to do something different; exercise self-control now.
  • Commit or quit: be honest if it’s not the right time to pursue your bigger goals.

Want to receive a FREE Invisalign smile?

From now until August 3, 2016, the makers of Invisalign are giving away five grants worth $5,000 to individuals who are interested in getting Invisalign treatment to change their lives. The grant should cover the entire cost of Invisalign treatment.

All you have to do is submit a photo and write a brief story of how changing your smile would change your life. You can enter one photo and story per day throughout the contest period. Once you receive your grant, you may contact Chelsea Dental Aesthetics at 347-773-2679 to initiate your treatment.

You have up to one full calendar year to use your grant money toward a life-changing smile. Even if you don’t win, you can still stop by for a treatment consultation to change “that one little thing” that has been holding you back.


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