5 Reasons to Consider Porcelain Veneers

Having a beautiful smile is a wonderful asset, giving you confidence and ease in every situation, whether it’s going to the grocery store or a job interview, family reunion or what have you. Dental veneers are a great way to correct small imperfections that you might have believed were beyond repair. Many celebrities, professionals and people just like you are getting veneers for that critical improvement in appearance that can help open doors and change your life for the better. Here are five smile flaws that you might not have guessed can easily be fixed with dental veneers.

Gummy smile

If you have a gummy smile, your high school friends are sure to have let you know about it. Many people endure regular Botox injections to correct their gummy smiles, but you don’t have to. By choosing veneers of the correct size and shape and with expert placement, Dr. Blaustein will give you a smile dominated by bright, white teeth — not gums.

Uneven or misshapen teeth

Many people are dissatisfied with the shape and arrangement of their teeth. But oftentimes, they see surgery or dentures as the only remedy. Whether you believe your teeth are too narrow, too short or do not match one another — dental veneers can be the perfect solution. Veneers can give your teeth the look and feel of uniformity and perfection.

Gaps between teeth

If you have a gap between two or more front teeth, you may also have an unflattering nickname to go with it. While many people love their gaps and feel they add charm and personality, others are not as pleased by them. If you fall into the second category, dental veneers can be the perfect solution, filling in those unwanted gaps painlessly and easily.

Stain-prone teeth

If you enjoy coffee, red wine or dark chocolate — you might be self-conscious about the color of your teeth. Some people have teeth that stain more easily than others. If you fall into either of those categories and don’t want to give up your favorite treats — veneers just might be for you. Dental veneers are not as porous as the surface of tooth enamel, and they don’t hold on to stains as readily as natural teeth do. If you’re tired of an other-than-white smile and don’t want to go through a long whitening process, veneers may be the ideal solution.

Misaligned teeth

Overbites, overlapping teeth and twisted teeth can put a real damper on your willingness to smile. If your alignment issues are suitable to veneers, Dr. Blaustein can custom-design a special set of veneers that will improve the aesthetics of your teeth.

Few people have just one of the smile imperfections mentioned above. If you have a dental condition that you believe can be fixed with porcelain veneers, get in touch with Chelsea Dental Aesthetics to learn more about how porcelain veneers can give you a brighter smile.


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