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Periodontal Disease Specialist

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Untreated gum disease can cause a host of problems such as the bone or gum tissue deteriorating and eventually leading to bone loss. Thankfully, David Blaustein, DDS, at Chelsea Dental Aesthetics in Chelsea, New York, offers periodontal maintenance to control the progression of this disease and even possibly bring a halt to it. If you are in need of improving your oral hygiene, make sure to call or book your appointment online today.

Periodontal Disease Q & A

What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is caused by bacteria in dental plaque which produces poisons and toxins irritating your gums causing them to bleed and turn red. If left untreated, the bone and gum tissue surrounding it can begin to deteriorate and eventually lead to bone loss.

There are a multitude of factors which affect the health of your gums including:

  • Poor nutrition
  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Diabetes
  • Clenching and grinding teeth

The best way to prevent gum disease is to avoid the factors which contribute to it along with an effective daily brushing and flossing routine.

How is periodontal disease treated?

It is important to catch and address gum disease early on to stop its progression in addition to reversing the damage.

Dr. Blaustein and his team offer the non-surgical periodontal therapy scaling and root planing under local anesthetic to ensure your comfortability throughout the procedure. He uses the latest technology such as electronic ultrasonic scalers to begin the therapy. This scaler vibrates at a high frequency to remove plaque, bacteria, and debris from the tooth’s root surfaces.

Following the use of the ultrasonic scaler, Dr. Blaustein uses periodontal scalers which make sure your tooth’s surface is clean and smooth.

What are the stages of periodontal disease?


The bacteria cause your gums to become irritated leading to inflammation and redness.


Your gums begin detaching from your teeth creating pockets where bacteria can fester and build up. As a result, the inflammation and bleeding of your gums increases, and your gums begin to recede.

Advanced periodontitis

At this stage, teeth becoming loose, shifting, or even falling out can occur. In addition, bone loss increases.

What can I expect after periodontal disease treatment?

You can expect to see improvements a few days following your treatment such as, reduced bleeding, diminished inflammation, and the spaces around the teeth are no longer as deep.

Side effects of scaling and root planing treatment may include slight discomfort around the teeth and increased sensitivity to hot and cold. These symptoms are a normal course of healing, and you should notice a significant improvement in them within two weeks.

If you believe you may have gum disease, call Dr. Blaustein or book your appointment online today.