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6 Benefits of Laser Dental Technology

6 Benefits of Laser Dental Technology

Laser dentistry refers to using lasers to perform procedures without drills or scalpels.

Here at Chelsea Dental Aesthetics, Dr. David Blaustein uses laser dental technology to contour your gums. Removing excess tissue to correct a gummy smile is just one example of how lasers can be incorporated into your dental treatment. 

Read on to learn about six benefits of laser dental technology. 

1. More comfortable procedures 

Laser dental technology replaces other tools, such as dental drills and scalpels. As you might expect, this approach is a more comfortable treatment option for many conditions.

Not only is laser dentistry more physically comfortable, but it can be emotionally comforting too. About 21% of people with dental phobias are bothered by the sound of the drill. 

Laser dentistry is more comfortable and quieter than procedures that require the drill.

2. Quicker recovery timelines

Because laser dentistry doesn’t require sharp dental tools, you may not even need local anesthesia during your procedure. (However, we offer sedation options if you’re nervous.) 

With less bleeding and no incisions from sharp tools, your recovery is faster and more comfortable with laser treatment. You can get back to your routine in no time!

3. Reduced risk of infection 

Laser dentistry can reduce your risk of post-procedure infection. Lasers don’t irritate the hard or soft tissue in your mouth the way a sharp metal tool does. The laser energy actually sterilizes the treatment area and kills bacteria.

4. Incredible precision

One of the biggest advantages of laser dental technology is it’s incredibly precise. Whether we’re contouring your gums or filling a cavity, the precision of the laser means that we’re only treating the area we need to treat. 

5. Less need for sutures

Laser dental technology reduces your need for sutures on soft tissues. That’s because the laser energy encourages your blood to clot. As a result, you experience less bleeding and require no stitches. 

6. Laser dental technology fixes many issues

Laser dental technology can benefit the hard and soft tissues in your mouth. This versatility makes sense as there are many types of dental lasers. Depending on your needs, laser dentistry can:

Dr. Blaustein uses gentle laser technology at his office here in the Chelsea district of New York City to remove excess gum tissue, correct receding gum tissue, address overhanging gums, and enhance your gums to fix teeth that appear too small.

Is laser dentistry right for you? To learn more about how laser dentistry can enhance your smile, call our Manhattan office today. You can also request your appointment online.

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