How to Extend the Results of Teeth Whitening

Having a bright smile makes you confident and boosts your self-esteem. But over time, foods and drinks, as well as other factors, stain your teeth. 

A great way to treat stains is a professional teeth whitening treatment from Dr. David Blaustein and his team at Chelsea Dental Aesthetics. We want to do more than whiten your teeth; we want to help extend your results.

How your teeth get stains

Knowing what causes tooth staining can help you prevent it. Stains on the surface of your teeth, or enamel, are known as extrinsic stains. And if they go beyond your tooth’s surface, it’s an intrinsic stain. They stain the layer beneath your enamel, which is called dentin. 

Darker foods, drinks, and nicotine are all common causes of tooth staining. Deeper stains occur from tooth trauma, aging, and too much fluoride. So how can you avoid these types of stains after a teeth whitening treatment?

Maintain good oral hygiene

Good brushing and flossing habits can go a long way. Regular brushing removes plaque from your teeth. Plaque is littered with bacteria that cause decay, but it can also trap staining properties. 

If plaque stays on your teeth too long, it hardens and turns into tartar. Tartar is harder to remove and has a brownish color. That’s why we recommend brushing your teeth after each meal to keep them white and healthy.

Stay away from food and drink with heavy staining properties

The most common cause of tooth staining is from beverages like coffee and red wine. Other foods and drinks to avoid after your teeth whitening treatment include:

Anything high in acid, like oranges and vinegar, can thin your enamel and make stains more visible. Sugar also promotes bacteria to release acid, which causes tooth decay and brown spotty stains.

Swishing with water

If you drink something like coffee, swish water around in your mouth. It rinses any staining properties off your teeth’s surface, so they can’t penetrate your enamel. Drink stain-causing beverages through a straw, since this keeps them off your teeth.

Long-term whitening 

Dr. Blaustein can help your teeth stay white with regular cleanings and touch-ups with Zoom! whitening products.

With Zoom! you can whiten your teeth instantly in one hour at our office, or you can use the Zoom! Take-Home whitening kit. It takes three consecutive daily applications to whiten your teeth, and it’s fast and painless.

After your appointment, Dr. Blaustein can provide you with safe, professional products to use for touch-ups at home. To find out how our team can help whiten your teeth, schedule an appointment online, or call our office in Chelsea, New York. We look forward to meeting you! 

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