Solutions in Manhattan for Crowded or Overlapping Teeth

If you suffer from crowded or overlapping teeth, Dr. David Blaustein of Chelsea Dental Aesthetics can detail a variety of effective treatment options, including Invisalign. Not only do you want to present the world with a beautiful smile, but having a set of straight white teeth has been proven in multiple research studies to improve self-confidence and help you present your true self in social situations without having to feel self-conscious. In addition, crooked teeth can be harder to clean and can also contribute to speech problems.

Talking with Dr. Blaustein during a visit to his midtown Manhattan office can help you to decide which solution for crooked teeth will work best for you. In particular, if you are looking to learn more about the many advantages of Invisalign, Dr. Blaustein will compare its pros and cons with alternative treatments such as metal braces.

Solutions for crowded teeth

At Chelsea Dental Aesthetics, we offer many possible solutions to your crowding and overlapping problems. Consider the following possibilities:

Contact Dr. Blaustein about your options

Dr. Blaustein’s practice is located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. As one of the leading cosmetic dentists in NYC, is ready to help you with all of your dental needs, especially those related to crooked or overlapping teeth. Your smile deserves special attention! Only through a consultation at Chelsea Dental Aesthetics will you be able to confidently decide the right option for you, making an informed decision based on your particular case and the treatment options that will work for you. Please call at 212-243-6081 to set up an appointment.

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