Using Dental Implants to Prevent Bone Loss

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Losing your teeth impacts more than your smile. The spaces left by your missing teeth can end up causing you to lose bone in your jaw over time. Getting dental implants can prevent bone loss from occurring and stabilize the rest of your teeth. Chelsea Dental Aesthetic practitioners have years of experience placing dental implants in Chelsea, NY residents. Here are three reasons you should consider making this investment in your oral health.

1. Save Your Other Teeth

The constant stimulation caused by your teeth pressing together helps the alveolar bone layer of your jaw, the part that surrounds and props up your teeth, to retain its shape and density. When you lose your teeth, spaces are left behind, which means there’s nothing left to apply pressure on to keep the bone below engaged. The alveolar layer gradually begins to erode and wear away, affecting the stability of the rest of your jaw bone and any remaining teeth.

Dental implants can prevent jaw bone loss by being embedded into the jaw to fill the gaps left behind. Your other teeth now have a new permanent structure to apply pressure to and encourage retention of the bone in that area. Dentures can’t provide the same effect because they can’t take the place of your lost tooth roots the way implants can.   

2. Gain Stability for Eating and Talking

Losing your teeth due to dental disease and bone loss can make eating certain foods more difficult. You may end up having to give up some of your favorites. It may also become hard for you to speak since we need certain teeth to enunciate specific words. Many people become self-conscious and embarrassed at their inability to communicate in the manner they wish.

By using dental implants to stabilize your jaw and prevent more bone loss, you can eat pretty much any foods you used to before experiencing your current dental issues. Dental implants won’t move or shift, meaning you won’t have to worry about them accidentally falling out at the wrong moment. You’ll be able to speak in a clearer manner and feel more relaxed in public speaking situations.

3. Improve Your Appearance

One cosmetic side effect of losing your teeth and jaw structure due to dental disease and bone erosion is the way it makes your face appear. Your cheeks can appear drawn, which can make you look older than you are. The chin often takes on a sharper appearance, while the shape of your mouth seems sunken. What teeth you have left will begin moving toward the front of your mouth.

Choosing to have dental implants goes a long way toward reversing your appearance and helping you look better and feel more confident in your appearance. It may be necessary for you to have additional orthodontic work done if your teeth have moved around in your mouth.

Qualifying for Dental Implants

You’re a good candidate for getting dental implants if you still have a good deal of your jaw structures left that aren’t affected by any advanced dental disease. Your surgeon may suggest transplanting new bone into affected areas if there has been too much erosion to attempt dental implants.

The dentists and staff at Chelsea Dental Aesthetics are always willing to go over different options with you. They’ll explain how they would perform the procedure and the outcome you can expect. They never pressure you into a decision you’re not comfortable with, choosing to focus on educating you on all aspects of dental implants. That allows you to make an informed choice on how you want to proceed.  

Are you a Chelsea, NY resident interested in obtaining dental implants and prevent further bone loss in your jaw? Call our office at (917) 633-7312 to set up an appointment. You can also create one online at your convenience.

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