Why Nutrition Is Important for your Dental Health

With summer coming up, kids and teens go crazy for sugary sweets and sports drinks that are high in sugar acid. Over time the high acidic level in sugary foods and drinks cause tooth decay in the mouth. For this reason, Dr. Blaustein emphasizes the importance of healthy nutrition. Through a balanced diet, individuals reduce their risk of tooth decay which gradually erodes the structure and function of teeth.

Dr. Blaustein highly recommends that active individuals drink water to rehydrate their bodies instead of sports drinks. Sports drinks contain many hidden sugars that catalyze the erosion process of teeth. If you or your kids are craving something sweet, substitute sodas with chocolate milk! Studies show that chocolate milk is the best alternative and is high in protein.

Although brushing and flossing are ways to maintain good oral health, it is essential to have good nutrition to ensure that your teeth or in perfect condition. Avoid foods and drinks with sugars and find other fruits and drinks to satisfy your sweet tooth. For more tips on how to prevent tooth decay and other dental predicaments, call Dr. Blaustein.

Dr. Blaustein has many more preventive care tips and procedures that will enhance the look and feel of your smile. Call Dr. Blaustein and his staff of professionals in New York, NY at 212-243-6081 or visit www.chelseadentalaesthetics.com.

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