Why You Shouldn’t Ignore a Missing Tooth

That dark void in your mouth is something you’d rather not dwell on, but you’d like to smile big again. You’re not alone: Most adults are missing at least one tooth. Whether you lost a tooth as a result of decay or due to an accident, it’s best to see a dentist so you keep your mouth healthy as well as regain a complete smile.

Dr. David A. Blaustein’s success in determining the best solutions for a missing tooth or teeth has earned him the faith and trust of his many patients. Whatever your situation, he works with you to create a customized, realistic treatment plan.

The problems associated with a missing tooth

Though your missing tooth may have bruised your self-esteem due to its unsightliness, it’s not something you should ignore. There are real health-related concerns to consider when you have a missing tooth.

If you’re at risk for these problems or already experiencing them, the benefits of modern dentistry are truly life-changing. You don’t have to settle for the cosmetic or physiological negatives posed by your missing tooth.

What are the solutions for a missing tooth?

While dentures are the most common solution for missing teeth, you have other replacement options.

A dental bridge connects an artificial tooth or teeth to the teeth on either side of your gap. A bridge can be fixed or removable, and it looks like your natural teeth.

Another choice is a high-tech, permanent dental implant. The procedure involves placing a titanium screw into your jawbone. The screw acts as your replacement tooth’s root, and it’s topped with a dental crown shaped to fit in perfectly with your surrounding teeth.

Dr. Blaustein and the team at Chelsea Dental Aesthetics are passionate about restoring your smile — and your confidence. We offer you the ideal blend of clinical expertise and heart necessary to provide the highest caliber of care.

Don’t ignore that missing tooth. Come in to see us soon. It’s as easy as giving us a call to arrange a consultation or scheduling one through our online booking tool. We look forward to partnering with you to achieve your dental goals.

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