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You Shouldn't Delay a Recommended Root Canal: Here's Why

It's tempting to put off a root canal. But, delaying this dental procedure can have serious consequences. Read on as Dr. David Blaustein here at Chelsea Dental Aesthetics in New York City shares five reasons you shouldn’t delay a nonsurgical root canal.

1. A root canal stops toothache pain

Over the years, root canals have earned a (false) reputation for causing pain. In reality, they do the opposite. They eliminate the source of your pain.

Decay that moves deep into the tooth pulp can cause intense pain. Pulp contains blood vessels and nerves, and pain strikes when the nerves are affected. Toothache pain can be particularly intense, make it hard to chew, and even contribute to facial swelling. 

During your procedure, Dr. Blaustein numbs the area just like he would for a dental filling. Sedation dentistry, including laughing gas, can also keep you relaxed and calm during your procedure.

Once you’re comfortable, he removes the decay and infected pulp material. He cleans your tooth before filling it with a material called gutta-percha. Removing the decay and infected material removes the source of your toothache.

2. A root canal can prevent future complications 

Ignoring a recommended root canal allows the infection to spread (and the pain to intensify). As the infection wreaks havoc inside your tooth, it could lead to more extensive damage to your tooth and surrounding tissues. It could also spread to other parts of your body.

3. A root canal preserves your natural tooth

Without timely intervention, we may need to extract your infected tooth. A root canal preserves your natural tooth. Not only does this prevent an extraction, but it also lets you avoid the hassle of tooth replacement.

4. A root canal can help protect your overall health

You might not think much about how an oral infection affects your overall health, but they’re more connected than you might think. Poor oral health — particularly an imbalance in your oral microbiota — can increase your risk of conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

That’s because the “bad” bacteria in your mouth overpower the “good” bacteria and can spread to other areas in your body. This relationship is known as the mouth-body connection. 

Your root canal, therefore, can help eliminate the bacteria that threaten your health.

5. A root canal can boost your confidence

As mentioned, without a root canal, you may need an extraction. Missing teeth can impact your confidence and self-esteem. Avoiding an extraction and protecting your smile is a win-win.

Don’t delay your root canal

If Dr. Blaustein has recommended a root canal, don’t postpone it. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can get relief from your pain and enjoy the other benefits of healthy teeth. 

After your root canal, Dr Blaustein places a dental crown to protect your tooth. This process can take at least two appointments, but it’s worth the wait. Your new crown also restores your bite — and it’s aesthetically pleasing.

Schedule your root canal today by calling our office in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, or request your appointment online.

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